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Responsive iFrame Viewer

Phone-Styled iFrame

Simple Scaled iFrame

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Remove Link Titles

Test top banner

Tab Box

.htaccess URL Forwarding

Tag Cloud How-To

How to generate an old-school "Tag Cloud" within your Ghost site...

Test Resizing iFrame

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Sleeping Robot SVG

Bigfoot Footnotes

Blinking Cursor CSS


YT Embed

Bubbly Trail

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This is an excerpt.



Javascript iFrame

Test Post

The Default Template

Word Galaxy

The iFrame Full Canvas Template

Tyrannosaurus Thesaurus

Inline content embed, Default Template, all page elements css-hidden.

Otterframe Embed

Otter Embed Codes

... while hiding the top branding banner ...


In-page Image Gallery, Default Template.

Content Accordion

Content Accordions demo, Default Template.

Website Thumbnail iFrames

Website Thumbnail iFrames demo, Default Template.

YouTube Embed

Youtube in content, Default Template.

Otter Block in Post

YouTube Full Canvas Embed

Youtube in content, Default Template, all page elements css-hidden.

Popup Footnotes

Inline Content Pop-Ups to click and show any HTML, iFrames, Slide-Ins, etc.


iFrame using CORS-ANYWHERE code.

Blockster Docs

A Long Post with Headings

A long post with headings and a Featured Image, Default Template.